Wildlife Artists Inc. Supplemental Catalog


We’ve gone and done it. We’ve gone all-in for conservation and the environment. Our plush animals are considered The Closest Thing to the Real Thing TM and now we’re focusing on keeping it real. To us that means increasing the Earth-friendliness of all our products, from business relationships that benefit wildlife and struggling cultures to minimizing the overall use of plastics in all aspects of our business. We actually started to keep things real back in 2013 when we removed unnecessary plastic whiskers and beads from all our plush, but in 2018 we went all-in with the release of our new Eco Pals TM line; the first line of plush to take a holistic approach to the use of plastics from design to production and delivery. We soon followed up Eco Pals with the announcement that all of our plush, new and old, will transition to a sustainable fill made from certified 100% recycled PET bottles. This 2019 Supplemental Catalog is just another step. As we continue our transition to digital catalogs in order to minimize our impact on the environment, we’re only printing this supplemental catalog that highlights all the new plush we have to offer for 2019. A full catalog of all our plush lines can be found on our website at www.wildlifeartistsinc.com. To celebrate our new REALity, we’ve included more authentic photos in this supplement. The front cover photo and other outdoor photos within were taken by James Ward while he, Caroline and the entire Ward family were on safari in Zimbabwe last summer. The photo on the back cover was sent to us by the mother of the child in the photo. Her son loved his cheetah cub so much, the spots wore off! We are the first plush company to take these measures and we’re proud to say our plush still remain realistic, cute and cuddly, without the price increases typically seen with other eco-products. Please buy our guilt-free plush. We truly feel we’re the only REAL option in the marketplace today.


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